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PDF Book Cover
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PDF Introduction
  Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation of Littoral Ecosystems in Southeastern Madagascar,Tolagnaro (Fort Dauphin)
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PDF Chapter 1.1
  The QMM/Rio Tinto Project History in Tolagnaro and its Social and Environmental Concepts
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PDF Chapter 2.1
  The Tolagnaro (Fort Dauphin) Region: A Brief Overview of the Geology, Hydrology, and Climatology
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PDF Chapter 2.2
  The Archeological Evidence of the Anosy Region
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PDF Chapter 2.3
  A Perspective on the Paleo-ecology and Biogeography of Extreme Southeastern Madagascar, with Special Reference to Animals
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PDF Chapter 2.4
  Evaluations of Forest Cover at Regional and Local Levels in the Tolagnaro Region Since 1950
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PDF Chapter 2.5
  Human Exploitation of Forest Resources in Mandena in 2000
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PDF Chapter 3.1
  Floristic and Structural Characteristics of Remnant Littoral Forest Sites in the Tolagnaro Area
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PDF Chapter 3.2
  Correspondence Between Vernacular and Scientific Names of Littoral Forest Plants in the Tolagnaro Area
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PDF Chapter 3.3
  Analyses of Seed Germination of Littoral Forest Native Species in Southeastern Madagascar
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PDF Chapter 3.4
  Fruit Characteristics: Fruit Selection, Animal Seed Dispersal and Conservation Matters in the Sainte Luce Forests
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PDF Chapter 4.1
  Giant Pill-Millipedes (Diplopoda: Sphaerotheriida) in the Littoral Forest Fragments of Southeastern Madagascar
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PDF Chapter 4.2
  An Inventory of the Mantodea and Phasmatodea in the Littoral Forests near Tolagnaro (Fort-Dauphin)
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PDF Chapter 4.3
  Checklist of Dragonflies of the Littoral Forests near Tolagnaro
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PDF Chapter 4.4
  Reptile and Amphibian Communities along the Humidity Gradient and Fragmentation Effects in the Littoral Forests of southeastern Madagascar
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PDF Chapter 4.5
  Conservation of a Rare Malagasy Snake: The Case of Pseudoxyrhopus kely (Family Colubridae)
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PDF Chapter 4.6
  Conservation of Bird Diversity in Madagascar’s Southeastern Littoral
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PDF Chapter 4.7
  Ecology and Conservation of Bats in the Southern Anosy Region
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PDF Chapter 4.8
  Lemurs in Evergreen Littoral Forest Fragments
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PDF Chapter 4.9
  Translocation as a Conservation Measure for an Endangered Species in the Littoral Forest of Southeastern Madagascar: The Case of Eulemur collaris
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PDF Chapter 4.10
  Gastrointestinal Parasites of Small Mammals in the Littoral Forest of Mandena
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PDF Chapter 4.11
  Forest Fragmentation Effects on Functional Genes: Immune Gene Variability (MHC) of Microcebus murinus and Rattus rattus in the Mandena Forest
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PDF Chapter 4.12
  Mitochondrial Genetic Data Indicate a Recent Range Expansion of Gray Mouse Lemurs (Microcebus murinus) in the Littoral Forests of Southeastern Madagascar
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PDF Chapter 5.1
  Description of the Mandena Aquatic Ecosystem
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PDF Chapter 5.2
  A Review of the Spiny Lobster Fishery in the Tolagnaro (Fort-Dauphin) Region
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PDF Chapter 6.1
  The Mandena Dina, a Potential Tool at the Local Level for Sustainable Management of Renewable Natural Resources
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PDF Chapter 6.2
  The Mandena Tree Nursery, an Example of Plant Production Adapted for Site Rehabilitation after Mining
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PDF Chapter 6.3
  Testing of Fast Growing Tree Species for the Rehabilitation of Mine Sites
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PDF Chapter 6.4
  Growth Results of Five Non-native Fast Growing Species Used to Reforest Sandy and Nutrient Poor Soils
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PDF Chapter 6.5
  Results from Ten Years of Restoration Experiments in the Southeastern Littoral Forests of Madagascar
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PDF Chapter 6.6
  Monitoring of Biometric and Ecological Parameters Following Restoration of a Lepironia mucronata (Family Cyperaceae) Wetland in Mandena
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PDF Chapter 6.7
  Testing the Propagation and Growth of the Liana Flagellaria indica, Used to Make Lobster Traps, and Bambusa multiplex as an Alternative Source
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PDF Chapter 6.8
  Biology, Ecology, Risk of Extinction, and Conservation Strategy for Eligmocarpus cynometroides (Fabaceae): A Priority Species at Petriky
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PDF Chapter 6.9
  Restoration Trials of the Anony River Estuary Banks by Dune Stabilization and Mangrove Tree Plantation
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PDF Index of Scientific Names
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